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4th-6th grade Narrative Essay

Mr. Butt must teach the gravedigger that buried him how to write a narrative essay, but how does he do it when Bonefish Burrow is the worst writer in the world?

4th-6th grade
Expository Essay

The dreaded Vultans are coming to force every child on Earth to write a creative and effective expository essay or else.

6th grade
Narrative Essay

Mr. Butt takes a vacation, but Bonefish is in good hands as his mentor had built a robotic version of himself to teach Bonefish the gentle art of persuasion.

3rd-6th grade
8 Parts of Speech

Students take a trip with Bonefish and Mr. Butt to the home of Prof. Kell C. Grammar where they learn the eight parts of speech and how they work to communicate clearly and effectively.

Paperback and Kindle Books

Saint Nicked

Saint Nicked by Vincent Courtney

4th-6th grade $2.99

This delightful children’s ebook tells the exciting adventure of Paxton Porter who watches in terror as a big game hunter captures jolly Saint Nick and takes him away on Christmas Eve. Now Santa is part of a collection of one-of-a-kind oddities owned by Billiam Bucksworth, the richest kid on the planet. It is up to Paxton and the elf that betrayed Santa to rescue Saint Nick and save Christmas.

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Me Idiot
Me Idiot by Vincent Courtney

4th-6th grade $2.99

To Cory Winkleman, losing his brain is the second worst thing that ever happened to him. It makes him do idiotic things like eating three pounds of the stinkiest cheeses in the world and catching a watermelon dropped from a three story building – in his mouth. What’s worse, he forgets all about the magic monster doll and the wish not wished. Now, he must spend the summer with Aunt Grenda and Uncle Dingus, two rotten eggs intent on making him the village idiot of Snodberry. Is Cory doomed to spend the rest of his life singing I’m a Little Teapot while slapping his butt with a frying pan or will he discover the beastly secret in the room upstairs and fix the worst thing he ever did?.

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Fantastic Follow-up to Narrative Course

Learning book

Me Idiot: An e-Learning Book

3rd-6th grade $7.98

Course Description

Using the same online format as our Scary Good Writing courses, Buttfish Learning Books combines humorous narration and exciting stories with Quickie Quizzes that cover writing concepts that students learned in A Zombie Wrote my Narrative Essay with Mr. Butt and Bonefish. A fun way to learn and be entertained at the same time.

"Your Learning Book idea of using a book, with an engaging plot line, great character development, suspenseful cliffhangers, and stunning climax to review specific concepts was new. My kids loved it! The quickie quizzes were very effective." - Priscilla Welbourn

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Scary Good Writing with Mr. Butt and Bonefish is the brainchild of Vince Courtney, author, writing instructor and all-around good egg. Vince loves teachers like you who put kids first by using effective and uncoventional lessons that teach and entertain students at the same time.


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