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Kids Love Doing Writing Lessons with Mr. Butt and Bonefish!

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It's true. Kids actually ask to do Scary Good Writing lessons with Mr. Butt and Bonefish. It is the one consistent comment we get from users of the program.

What Teachers & Students are Saying...

"My oldest son (11) who is taking the class is often frustrated by school and doesn't usually like online lessons. However, he looks forward to the Scary Good Writing lessons and it is a delight to hear him laughing out loud while watching them."

-Tonya Parker, Homeschool Mother of 4

"I loved that the lessons were so engaging for the students and were tailored to really spark their interest in writing of all types. My students loved the stories and the characters Mr. Butt and Bonefish, and they always begged for “just one more mini-lesson, please!” We all are hooked on Scary Good Writing!

- Joan Steakley, 5th Grade, West Elementary

“I like that my students wanted to use this program. If too much time passed between lessons, my students would ask when we were going to do Scary Good Writing. My students LOVE Bonefish and Mr. Butt.”

- Cynthia Hickerson, 6th grade, Howry Intermediate School

“Even students who are reluctant to write were inspired by the comical and clever way you introduce important lessons in the craft of writing. We look forward to continue learning with you and your incredibly funny characters (they LOVE Bonefish and Mr. Butterfield!) We'll be using Scary Good Writing after Florida Writes (poor kids keep asking, "When are we going to do Scary Good Writing?)"

- Monique Desir, 4th grade, Frontier Elementary

"Mr. Courtney's writing program is ingenious. It taught me so much, while I still had a lot of fun. Mr. Courtney is the best writing teacher ever.

- Connor, 4th Grade

Engage Your Reluctant Writers!

teacher reviews and comments

"For many years, my classes used the storytelling methods of Scary Good Writing to prepare for the FCAT writing test. The kids couldn’t wait to do the lessons and would ask when they were going to do Scary Good Writing. Scary Good Writing really works!”

- Jinny Johnson, 4th Grade, W. Melbourne School for Science

"The kids are loving Scary Good Writing."

- Robin Livernois, 4th Grade Teacher at Frontier Elementary

“I have no idea how I found you or who told me about you... But after the first 2 free lessons, my son begged for another lesson and another... Needless to say, I bought the Zombie programme. Son writes 3rd grade material and reads 6th. This was a perfect fit... Again, thank you! What a cool programme!


“If you don't like writing, you don't know Mr.Courtney's course."

- Alexis, 4th grade

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