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about us

Writebrane, Inc. was founded in 2011 by Vince Courtney. We are dedicated to bringing fun and creativity back into the classroom. Oh, and our students score well on assessment tests, too.

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Why Choose Us?
  1. Kids love us.
    They actually ask to do the lessons.

  2. Great for reluctant writers!
    Our courses are easy to use and involve the whole class including reluctant writers.

  3. Humor works!
    Studies have found that participants who were exposed to a series of lectures containing course-specific humor showed increased retention of the course-content information as compared to those who received the same material without the infusion of humor. That's why we put lots of funny in our one-of-a-kind lessons. How else can you explain being taught adverbs by two maggots living in a dead cat?

Our Philosophy

Writing isn’t brain surgery. You just have to know what NOT to Teach. Our five-year tested, useful writing courses combine the ease and interactivity of the Internet with the proven effectiveness of classical storytelling to create timely and timeless teaching tools. These rib-tickling multi-sensory online courses get into the nuts and bolts of writing, giving students the skills they need to suceed..

Praise from Teachers

"I loved that the lessons were so engaging for the students and were tailored to really spark their interest in writing of all types. My students loved the stories and the characters Mr. Butt and Bonefish, and they always begged for “just one more mini-lesson, please!” We all are hooked on Scary Good Writing!"

Joan Steakley

"This is a really fun and innovative way to teach essays, which a lot of students fear. Thank you!"

Kyra F.

"Your Learning Book idea of using a book, with an engaging plot line, great character development, suspenseful cliffhangers, and stunning climax to review specific concepts was new. My kids loved it! The quickie quizzes were very effective."

Priscilla Welbourn

"I like that my students wanted to use this program. If too much time passed between lessons, my students would ask when we were going to do Scary Good Writing. My students LOVE Bonefish and Mr. Butt.”

Cynthia Hickerson


Rebecca Geller

"Very entertaining! My 5th grade students loved this!"

Bobbie Bonilla

"After the first 2 free lessons, my son begged for another lesson and another... Needless to say, I bought the Zombie programme. Son writes 3rd grade material and reads 6th. This was a perfect fit... Again, thank you! What a cool programme!"


"We LOVE Scary Good Writing! My students thought this was hilarious and challenging. :) The worksheets provided excellent review and the audio was very engaging."

Britanny Schulze

"For many years, my classes used the storytelling methods of Scary Good Writing to score consistantly in top percentile for the FCAT writing test. The kids couldn’t wait to do the lessons and would ask when they were going to do Scary Good Writing.”

Jinny Johnson

The kids are loving Scary Good Writing."

Robin Livernois

"Absolutely AMAZING resource! Extremely engaging and entertaining. :)"

AlMarie C

About Us

Scary Good Writing with Mr. Butt and Bonefish is the brainchild of Vince Courtney, author, writing instructor and all-around good egg. Vince loves teachers like you who put kids first by using effective and uncoventional lessons that teach and entertain students at the same time.


Writebrane, Inc.
3705 Big Pine Road,
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